2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show


McQueen XK-SS and Jaguar XK-F at LA Auto Show 2013

The first exhibit you would see as you enter the 2013 Los Angeles Intenational Auto Show is the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Information Booth, where Jaguar and the Museum have partnered to display the Museum’s 1956 Jaguar XK-SS formerly owned by Steve McQueen, and the XK-F, Jaguar’s first open two-seater since the legendary E-Type.


2014 XK-F Coupe 2 Views

At the Jaguar/Land Rover exhibit they introduced the coupe version of the roadster shown in the Petersen display. It’s difficult to argue against the opinion heard often at the event, that this is the prettiest car at the show.

Porsche Macan 2 Views

Once again, Porsche chose to introduce an important new model at the LA Auto Show. The compact sport utility segment is growing faster than the rest of the market and Porsche’s powerful Macan is well placed to attract enthusiasts seeking such a car. As Porsche’s lowest priced offering, it should also appeal to those looking to buy their first new Porsche.

2014 MiniCooper S

The third generation modern Mini Coopers (Mini Cooper S Shown) were also debuted at the LA Show. The base model continues a budding trend, featuring a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, while the S model benefits from a  turbocharged four. The specifications for the car are sketchy, but it’s getting less “mini.” Length grows by a bit over five inches, width by 1.7, and they are a fraction taller. The strategy these days is to use more high strength steel and aluminum to prevent such growth from adding to mileage-sapping weight, but the new Minis’ specs are mute on the subject.

Escalade   Harking back to the bad old days of behemoth “FUVs” the new Cadillac Escalade, at 202.5 inches long, will surely be a favorite among rappers.

Fiesta ST at LA Auto Show

Following up on the critical acclaim showered on their Focus ST, Ford introduced the even more affordable Fiesta ST, which came within a whisker of snatching Road & Track‘s Performance Car of the Year honors from the Corvette. Packing 197 hp in a 2762 pound package of finely tuned hot hatch, and  fully optioned at $25,580 on the sticker, what’s not to like?

Corvette Convertible 2Views

The car that did win Road & Track‘s PCOTY award now has a convertible version. It showed here for the first time at the LA Auto Show (above). In person these cars are easily the best looking Corvettes since the original Sting Rays. Among detractors, those taillights have been the main focus of criticism. Why aren’t they round?

BMW i8 WithInset Corrected

At the 2009 Los Angeles International Auto Show, BMW showed the Vision Dynamics Concept, a Hybrid sports car with stunning styling (inset, above). In 2011 a more developed version (currently on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum) appeared in Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol. At last, the production version had its American debut at this year’s show (above). Available in spring 2014, it will boast 368 hp and up to 94 mpg, and cost about $140,000.

Below, the fully electric BMW i3, weighing just under 2,000 pounds and powered by a 125 kW motor with 250 pound-feet of torque, provides zippy performance in a city car, for about $40,000. A version is coming with a variation on the Mini’s turbo three-cylinder to extend its range beyond commuting.


Stay tuned for our report on the Ride and Drives.

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