2011 Concorso Italiano – Getting Personal


Personalized Plates at the Concorso Italiano

It’s so common now that states have entire staffs checking to make sure someone’s personalized plate doesn’t have a clandestine message that might be illegal or (gasp!) offend someone. Fortunately mine is pretty inocuous, so I didn’t get hassled. Anyway, in California the ask you right up front what it means, so unless you have a really good explanation why you want OH5HIT, you won’t get it.

My personalized plate, OM DUDE

Options in Mobility is my DBA, and I conduct my business in keeping with my metaphysical training, with meditation as an integral part of the process, so OMMMMMM!

Plates on Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Fiats and Lamborghinis tend to be a little more tricky. Check out the clever twists that can be incorporated into seven or eight letters and numbers. Can you figure out what they mean?


If you are at an event that features Alfa Romeos (or nearly any Italian make) you must know that “spider” is an italian convertible.

Arachnid PL8

Of course it helps to know that spiders are Arachnids.


Movie buffs will recognize one Alfa – the Duetto (It’s a two-seater. Get it?). Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) ran out of gas in one in The Graduate.

GTV 71 PL8

Automobile nomenclature is full of initials for arcane expressions. GTV is Gran Turisimo Veloce (pronounced “Vel Oh Chay”), meaning Grand Touring – Fast.


You could probably guess that an Alfisto is a fan of Alfa Romeos.


The littlest Fiat was known in Italy as the Little Mouse, or “Topolino,”so when the new 500 came out, the moniker was a natural.


Fiats imported to the US in the 50s and 60s did not have a stellar reputation for durability and reliability, thus the joke that the name meant “Fix It Again Tony!”


Many of the great personalized plate ideas were thought of long before you had them, but there are few enough Lamborghini Diablos in Montana that this guy had a good shot at being the first.


Yes, Ferrari’s sigil is the Prancing Horse, and I know everything is voice-operated these days, but do you really think it will answer to GIDHY UP?


 After that last one this should be no challenge. A Dark Prancing Horse.


The body his Ferrari 355 spider was designed by Pininfarina. 


Yes, Lamborghinis are fast, but this may be a bit optimistic for anything short of an Aventador or Sesto Elemento.


It takes a little imagination, and you have to visualize the accompanying gestures, but I think you will have no trouble translating this one.


Okay. Those were easy. Now maybe you can post a comment and let me know what you think this one means. I look forward to hearing from you.


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I'm one of those people that friends call "that car guy," except I've made it into a profession. Since 1988 when a friend found my help in choosing, finding, and negotiating for a new car was worth a fee, I've helped countless people, listening to their car questions and challenges, and helping with their car purchases, insulating them from the adversarial process that is the new car retail model today. Their word of mouth is my only publicity. My newsletter CARMA won the description "The clear crystal ring of truth" from award-winning automotive journalist Denise McCluggage. Now I'm going global!
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